Oct 222012

5:45 – Alright, that’s it for now. Awesomeness!

5:44 – Gamecenter, Facebook integration, Twitter integration, IAP – all will be supported.

5:41 – All the demos from today will run on Android as well as iOS… and obviously Windows 8 and Blackberry support being announced for Titanium has interesting implications.

5:39 – Price points should be announced in the next few weeks.

5:38 – Focus is on 2D, 2.5D games.

5:35 – Beta date on slide, Q and A starting.

Platino beta date

5:32 – The demos being shown are actually getting 30 to 60 FPS. Wow.

5:30 – Talking about hopes for on device debugging in Titanium 3.0 with Platino!

5:27 – Showing sprite use in Platino. Surprised by how simple it looks given how slick the plane demo is!

5:24 – Showing Platino setup in Appcelerator. Requiring, creating a scene, loading images, adding event listeners. Using the name “Alloy” until release when it switches to Platino.

platino code

5:21 – Texture atlas support. I have pretty much no understanding of this but the explanation being offered is excellent, if this interests you you need to go check out the video.

5:19 – Just showed getting started – looks VERY cool.

5:16 -  Parallax Mapping! Nice!

5:15 - ISO engine and a vertices engine – showing the Teapot!

iso engine

vertices mapping

5:10 – Discussing how Platino has full Box2D, full particle effects – real particle emitters running at full GPU speed. Waiting for demos!

Carlos at Codestrong

5:07pm – Nice title slide!

underwater basket weaving

5:01pm – Carlos back on stage for another talk: Rapid Game Development on Titanium.


10:37 – Wow, the Appcelerator engineering team is huge. A bunch couldn’t even fit in the pic!

Appcelerator Engineering Team

10:20 – More soon. Until then, here’s a pic of one of Platino’s demos!  Pinball, looking fantastic!


10:19 – The pinball demo from Lanica looked slick!

10:18 -  Oh wow multiplayer tank demo!

10:15 – Carlos on stage. Lanica!

10:02 – Blackberry 10 support!


9:54 -  What are we looking at? It’s Windows 8. Titanium and Platino will support Windows 8!


9:50 - It took 16 years to hit 1 billion smartphones in the world. In another 2 years that number will likely hit 2 billion. Really liking the stats being shared, totally relevant to all devs.

9:45 – Pic:


9:40 – Jeff talking about the future of the internet and mobile – 8% of all eCommerce is done via mobile. That’s 4x two years ago. Wow.

9:38 -  Wow. Jeff asks who has an Android and only around 1/15th of people put their hand up. Hah.

9:36 – “5 years ago mobile internet was virtually non-existent” – he clarifies that it has existed for 10 years but not used in the way we use it today, not for actual web browsing.

9:32 -  Jeff talking about the mission of the company and the mobile revolution. Discussing trends – mobile, cloud and social.

9:27 – Guy who played Dwight on The Office up on screen talking about app suggestions; “app app”, “rap app”, “wrap app”. Really amusing. “You guys are like Frodo, and by staying up all night making apps for charity you are throwing the ring into the volcano and making the shire a much better place… and smoking long pipes.” – hah!

9:22 – Jeff is talking about imagination, the future, creativity and mobile. If you can’t watch the live stream I’d watch the video of this later. He’s thanking everyone who took part in the hack to help hackathon last night. Awesome.

9:18am -  Jeff Haynie up on stage. Pic: some of the 800 attendees.

9:14am -  OK, Codestrong 2012 has officially started – loving the music and video but not what I’m waiting for. (Or you guys, I expect!)

9:08am -  Somewhere you can watch a live stream? See it here: http://www.codestrong.com/

9:06am – Doors are open, atmosphere in here is crazy excited. Waiting for keynote to start. So many people. Love the Codestrong video playing!

8:57am – Did everyone catch the SpriteLoq announcement?

8:55am – 5 minutes until they keynote starts, man, there are a lot of people here.

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