Aug 232013

A simple Platino demo showing you how to create a single scene and write basic code for use with Platino.

Basically, this isn’t intended to be mind blowing, innovative or even visually appealing – it’s none of these things.

Platino Gears

This downloadable Platino sample app is just a very basic demo that you can play with to help you get some of the basic concepts of app development with JavaScript down.

See the short video below (sorry the audio is a little out of sync) to see exactly what this sample does.

From the sample code you will see how to use add images/sprites, use touch events, add enterframe listeners, change the angle of a sprite and write simple functions in JavaScript for use with Platino. (Oh and of course how to add comments to your code, just in case you haven’t ever touched JavaScript before now!)

All very basic but vital elements to app development!

You can grab it from my GitHub, here;

If this is useful for you and you want to see more please tweet, post on Facebook, subscribe on YouTube, follow me on GitHub or star it – and if it’s not, leave a comment or send me a message letting me know how you think it could be improved, or what you’d like to see in any future samples.

Peach Pellen :)

  4 Responses to “Platino Sample Code: Gears Demo”

  1. Yay!! Thanks Peach for the tutorial! It’s great!

  2. Very useful Peach .. More please !

  3. The GitHub source came in handy! Thanks very much :-)

  4. helpful..

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